Processing Office

1210 Greenway Drive

Jackson, MO 63755

Phone: 573-204-8088

Fax: 573-204-8084

Stephanie Mueller, General Manager   

John W. King III, Managing Partnerext. 114bill@united-Lt.comPR394660
Stephanie Mueller, G/M Partnerext. 106stephanie@united-Lt.comPR109247
Mary Holweg, Examinerext. 108maryh@united-Lt.comPR213851
Janice Burger, Examinerext. 107janiceb@united-Lt.comPR8044689
Cindy Mansker, Order Intakeext. 102cindym@united-Lt.comPR436175
Jessica Lohmann, Final Policy Departmentext. 103jessica@united-Lt.comPR336836

Cape Girardeau

2911 Breckenridge Drive

Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Phone: 573-339-5700

Fax: 573-339-7277

Gail Cassout-Enderle, Office Manager 

Gail Cassout-Enderle, Closer and Office Managerext. 151gail@united-Lt.comPR109253
Melissa Jennings, Closerext. 181mjennings@united-Lt.comPR8383547

Becky McMillan, Closer

ext. 152bmcmillan@united-Lt.comPR8387560


5 S. Jackson Street

Perryville, MO 63775

Phone: 573-517-0077

Fax: 573-605-1244


Alex Lueders, Closer and Office Manager, PR8398134